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Corrosion – Metal’s Biggest Enemy

January 23, 2019

Metal’s most dangerous adversary is corrosion. Corrosion is a natural process that triggers the gradual degradation of the metal when it’s exposed to environmental elements. Corrosion poses a serious threat to safety and efficiency, and also represents one of the higher costs of operation in most industries.

Liquid Blast is a unique patented product developed by ShemenSal, a company that has dedicated over fifteen years to researching and developing a safe and easy to apply product that is capable of descaling a variety of incrustations and oxides in a cost-effective way.

Liquid blast is biodegradable, doesn’t degrade metals, plastics, or rubbers, and minimizes the contamination caused by normal surface blasting processes. Equipment integrity and efficiency are essential requirements for success in today’s market place.

Keep your plant running at peak performance with Liquid Blast.

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