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Cleaning Heat exchanger with Liquid Blast is a simple, fast and safe process

December 6, 2018

There are many industrial cleaning companies which provide services to the oil and gas industry. Some of them offer descaling solution, environmental cleaning services, oil sludge removal, corrosion and scale treatment or just general petroleum services.

Liquid Blast by ShemenSal is a unique product because its versatility and its innovation eliminates traditional descaling techniques.

Liquid Blast provides the fastest turnarounds in an accurate, safe and effective way. Unlike traditional methods it allows you to descale a large variety of residues. The versatility of Liquid Blast replaces 3 sometime 5 different chemicals. It doesn’t require dismantle and transport of the equipment. It required minimal preparation and can be applied with all metal, plastics and rubbers (except galvanise metals). It doesn’t degrade metal which means you can apply it even in the most sensitive parts of the equipment and you can measure its benefits immediately. In some cases, it can be applied not only during complete shutdown, but also during regular operation. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology you can reuse the product and increase your daily profits.

Cleaning with Liquid Blast is a simple, fast and safe process.