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Introducing Liquid Blast Descaling Technology by ShemenSal

May 7, 2018

We’re happy to launch our first animated video which introduces our operation:

ShemenSal is providing a solution to its customers who are dealing with corrosion, scale and other residues which are a source of financial loss in 3 main aspects:

  1. Lower efficiency
  2. Increases downtime
  3. Higher costs



Annual cost of corrosion and scale is estimated to be in tens of billions of dollars in the Oil & Gas industry and nothing has been changed for years.

With increasingly squeezed budgets, reduced margins, aging assets and pressure to improve productivity, ShemenSal offers an innovative technology. It took our R&D team 3 years to perfect Liquid Blast ATFM thought ongoing research, development and tests.

Liquid Blast ATFM is a unique and innovative solution that eliminates corrosion and scale. It’s a chemical liquid that runs through all machines and literally blasts away corrosion, scale and other residue without damaging even the most sensitive parts of the equipment. Machines that would have taken over a week to clean, liquid blast can clean in a day!

There are 3 main benefits:

  1.    Saves money and increases profitability, because it:
  • Reduce up to 80% of maintenance time
  • Restores up to 100% efficiency of plant design capacity
  • Increase efficiency and longevity of machines
  1. Fully certified, by known international labs, and safe to use
  2. Quick ROI; as mentioned earlier some of our clients recover their investment in one day!

The versatility of Liquid Blast replaces traditional descaling techniques:

  1. It allows you to descale a large variety of residues
  2. It is safe to use with all metals, plastics and rubbers
  3. It doesn’t degrade metals and
  4. It’s reusable

Thanks to our technology:

  1. No preparation such as dismantling, transportation and assembling equipment is required;
  2. No specialized equipment is required for the application; and
  3. Unlike other products, with Liquid Blast you can measure its benefits immediately

Another unique advantage of Liquid Blast is that it can be applied not only during complete shutdown, but also during regular operation. Keep in mind that all the external cleaning is applied with reused product, so it doesn’t have actually any cost. You clean all these for free! 

We are proud to partner with international leaders in the energy industry.