Descaling Technology

The Company

ShemenSal has developed an international presence since its creation. Our innovative technology and engineering revolutionises the traditional descaling of variety of incursions in the process of dynamic and static equipments corresponding to variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, food, and mining.

Our Vision

Our vision is: Liquid Blast ATFM® will be a global first choice for cleaning corrosion and scale in all industrial processing equipment.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the descaling processes and increase efficiency in production plants through a unique patented product and advanced technology.

Our Clients

Our customers comprise of all sizes in a variety of industries including oil, gas, petrochemical, energy, food, and mining and geographic areas covering America, the Middle East and Asia.

Our Technology

ShemenSal uses a unique patented product Liquid Blast ATFM® enabling the descaling of processing equipment containing a variety of heavy residues and operating in corrosive environments.

The versatility of Liquid Blast ATFM® and accompanying technology offered by ShemenSal eliminates traditional descaling techniques in a large variety of industries.

Up to


time saved on descaling maintenance

Up to


efficiency restored to the design capacity of equipments

Some words about our technology

Using Liquid Blast ATFM® produces economic benefits up to millions of dollars per plant
ShemenSal is dedicated to deliver the optimum technical results
Social Responsibility

ShemenSal supports educational initiatives and offer academic sponsorships and scholarships related to innovative and renewable energy.